-The beauty of drumming is in the silence between two strokes-

My passion is drumming,

i started playing drumkit as a teenager in  several bands,later i discovered the vast richness and beauty of the indian tabla and indian classical music ,nowhere else i could find a more sophisticated style of drumming with a sheer endless amount of variations and different rhythms.
I decided to travel to india find myself a teacher and study Tabla.
Until now i stayed almost 10 years in India with my teacher Kailash Nishad in the holy city of Varanasi to learn the art of indian drumming.
Although i learned to love the indian classical music,im still a westerner who loves many styles of music.
In recent years i worked on bringing together the two worlds of oriental music and electronic club sounds.
Since 2007 i have been living most of the time in southwest germany.


Indian Tablas

Frame Drum





Mouth Harp

Roland Handsonic

Native Instruments Maschine